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The "Onda" exhaust sleeves are unique products, because they are the result of years of research, in which CO.FE.ME. has managed to obtain a reliable and superior product to all standards on the market.

The "Onda" sleeve is unique in its kind because it has been made with a special compound and with the particular shape of a Wave.


  • Flexibility
  • Resistance to vibration and stretch-compression-cutting stresses
  • Ease of assembly


  1. Material studied with high tear resistance
  2. Inspect the exhaust system for vibration and engine movements
  3. Troubleshoot non-alignment issues
  4. Absorption of both axial and cutting stresses
  5. Ease of assembly and disassembly

(The supply of "Onda" sleeves is comprised of 4 T-seal clamps for fastening)

The CO.FE.ME "ONDA" sleeve has been approved by the Italian Nautical Registry Group (RINA)