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Particulate filter regeneration
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rigenerazione filtri antiparticolato
  • rigenerazione filtri antiparticolato


The Particulate Filter (FAP) or Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) requires periodic regeneration to eliminate ashes (inert) resulting from the particle combustion (unburnt or black smoke) and largely from the combustion of the lubricating oil present in all engines Co.fe.me. Is THE ONLY "EMINOX" AND "PURITECH" AUTHORIZED CENTER FOR FAP AND DPF FILTERS REGENERATION AND, DUE TO THE MULTI-YEAR EXPERIENCE IN THIS FIELD, IT CAN REGENERATE PARTICULATED FILTERS OF ALL BRANDS AND MODELS service offered: FILTER REGENERATION, at our office is guaranteed within 48 hours of receipt of the particulate filter, FAP or DPF customization of the service according to the customer's needs using the latest generation equipment and methodologies, quality controlled counterweight test on each single REGENERATED PARTICULATE FILTER to guarantee the success of the regeneration.