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sielnziatore marino in lamierino
  • sielnziatore marino in lamierino
  • silenziatore per barche coibentazione rigida

Marine engine silencers


The noise generated by the engines of the boats is subject to detailed rules, as defined in Directive 2003/44/EC. In order to limit the noise emissions of diesel engines and generating sets in the nautical sector, due to environmental noise pollution, it is necessary to apply sound-fit appliances, i.e. marine silencers.

But what are marine engine silencers?

Marine engine exhaust silencers are devices used to reduce the noise produced by boat engines as much as possible. Boat silencers are part of the exhaust system and are a compulsory part of every nautical vehicle. Their ability to reduce sounds is excellent thanks to their shapes and materials with which they are built., with its thirty-year experience in exhaust fumes and silencing for endothermic engines, is able to provide a series of silent systems tailored to every type of boat and car room. Our silencers are characterized by high quality materials, which guarantees high reliability and durability of the product.
Endothermic motors generate high temperatures that affect the entire exhaust system. Silencers are specially designed to reduce noise but at the same time to withstand high temperatures, even in the long run, as well as all the deteriorating factors that result from their use, preventing any possible accident. Our products are created using the latest technologies, ensuring maximum results. silencers. can be made in:

  • FIBERGLASS which is a kind of plastic made stronger thanks to the combined glass in its creation;
  • CARBON STEEL i.e. iron with good resistance;
  • INCO-ALLOY which is a nickel-chrome based super-alloy;
  • CORTEN-A which is an alloy that self-protects itself;

Contact us and you will be able to seek professional advice from our experienced technicians who are always available to study and design the most suitable and performing system for your boat.