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CO.FE.ME. Offers you a "customized" range of complete kit for your boat's exhaust system for all types of marine inboard diesel engines.

In addition to internal technical study, 2D and 3D CAD design, and installation of custom marine exhaust manifold kits, CO.FE.ME guarantees an efficient technical after sales service and the ability to send spare parts for existing installations.

All CO.FE.ME. Exhaust manifolds are guaranteed up until 1 year from purchase and are designed to maintain the quality, reliability and performance of the engine.

How nautical exhaust systems are designed

Boat exhaust systems are the result of careful and in-depth calculations, requiring specific fluid-dynamic skills. It is necessary to ensure that all toxic and harmful substances contained in the gases are properly disposed of and pushed away from all persons by means of a special waste tube; It is also necessary to ensure proper ventilation and the use of materials that can withstand the power and temperature of all passing substances.

There are many materials with which exhaust systems can be built, and they should be chosen based on the results one wants to achieve: aluminum is an excellent acoustic insulation solution while steel is resistant to wear and tears. When deciding on the type of implant to be made, engine positioning and structure must also be taken into account, as among the main functions of nautical exhaust gases we also have the improvement of the propeller's performance.

CO.FE.ME. Nautical exhaust systems

CO.FE.ME boat exhaust systems are basically of two types: submerged, if placed under the hull, in order to be less loud and produce a smaller amount of smoke, and smoke or fire-based, if they are positioned visibly on the top of the boat or ship's structures.

The company also offers a full range of complete kits, useful for the maintenance of the exhaust system of all types of inboard diesel marine engine. For anyone who has problems or doubts, technical after sales service is also offered, with the option of ordering spare parts for unworkable discharges. All CO.FE.ME exhaust systems are guaranteed for one year and are designed for ensuring quality, safety and excellent engine performance.