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Nautical Insulation


The high temperature generated in the boat's engine rooms makes it essential to apply insulating sheaths over pipes, engines and generators, which can reach up to 500°C.

This environmental overheating can cause considerable damage to the motors, generators and cooling systems.

For this is able to supply, depending on the various requirements and dimensions, various types of nautical insulations, widely tested and guaranteed:

Sturdy insulation is a new type of thermal insulation proposed by CO.FE.ME., where improved surface strength guarantees a robust consistency, which is crucial even during the installation phase. Improved consistency also means durable resilience and performance over time, benefiting the life of the piping itself.

This is a much more powerful insulation solution than those of traditionally used and marketed structures.
Thickness has also been optimized and reduced, creating a lower insulation structure than others in the market, in order to ensure space economy.
Another fundamental criterion for insulation is obviously the hermeticity. The rigid CO.FE.ME. Is perfectly insulated from the outside, making it unattachable and preventing the passage of any liquid inside it. The hermetic protection also guarantees the temperature and safety maintenance standards required in the engine room.

Nautical insulation with mobile cushions has the main function of thermal insulation, which is through the use of a mobile cushion structure, made up of amorphous silica fiber fabric and agglomerated glass fiber felt. These materials guarantee the protection of structures from both the typical machine room temperature fluctuations and the strong vibrations in which the components may incur.
This type of insulation is used to safely isolate turbines, silencers, manifolds and exhaust pipes.
All used materials do not contain asbestos and have a fiber diameter of 9 microns, so the insulated parts comply with current safety standards and regulations.

Nautical sheet insulation is a solution that combines insulation and robustness with visual appeal: it is applied on boats of over 24 meters in length and is an ideal system to also offer a visual appeal to the insulation structure so that it can be a widely aesthetically appreciated solution.
The materials used vary for thickness and density and use stainless steel sheets with riveted metal joints..
CO.FE.ME. has been offering this type of nautical insulation for more than ten years, thus guaranteeing consolidated efficiency over time.

Reliance on CO.FE.ME. means guarantee of use and high quality materials, coupled with a process of technical testing and research. CO.FE.ME offers you the ability to be followed at all stages of the project, from on-site budgeting, installation, and post-sales assistance.