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coibentazione rigida ecr
  • coibentazione rigida ecr

Rigid nautical insulation


The most interesting product for nautical is the "new" and special rigid "ECR" insulation. The new CO.FE.ME rigid insulation is the result of a continuous research and study in the thermal insulation sector, gaining significant pros such as:

  • IMPROVED CONSISTENCY: The new insulation gives great rigidity of the surface, major peculiarity during installation
  • "ECR" THICKNESS: significantly lower than the most popular rigid insulations on the market
  • DURATION: resistance in time equal to the length of the pipe itself
  • SAFETY: absolutely hermetic, it is not damageable from the outside, so no liquid can penetrate inside it. No thermal bridge or thermal-reflective action is generated by the CO.FE.ME. "ECR" 

Insulated parts absolutely meet the required temperature and safety standards in machine rooms. - Cushion floating nautical insulation