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CO.FE.ME. today is able to offer to the nautical market the new DBS particle filter system for marine diesel engines.

A great innovation in the nautical sector, the DBS system allows regeneration of the filter which is automatically guaranteed during the boat's operation.


  • The new system firstly allows permanent regeneration at minimum operating temperatures
  • Low backpressure of exhaust gases
  • The system is able to ensure continuous and uninterrupted operation
  • The regeneration of the system is automatic during the engine operating mode
  • The filter works without any additives

The strong innovation of the new DBS system is undisputed. The system is able to regenerate in a purely passive way when the exhaust gas temperature exceeds 250°C thanks to the filter lining, so it is not necessary to activate diesel fuel injection. In case of low load, the filter retains soot particles and at a given backpressure value the system automatically activates the injection, beginning the generation of the filter. The pre-filter oxidizes injected diesel by means of the catalytic process: in this way, the exhaust gas heating and the regeneration of the filter are obtained, thus achieving low operating pressures.


Use: Low load/low exhaust temperature

Generation type: combined regeneration: active+passive

Generation temp: exhaust gas temp. 180°C>5% of the operating time

Regeneration time: permanent running self-cleaning system

Reduction of harmful substances: particle mass -95% / carbon dioxide (CO) -95% / nanoparticles -99.9% / chlorine carbides (HC) -99%

Filtering medium: monolithic carbon silicon filter (SiC)

Controlled by: TRGS/TÜV/KBA/AUVA/VERT+CARB (in control phase)

Warranties: 2 years / 4.000 hours (including operating guarantee)

Maintenance: injector: 500Bh / filter cleaning: 1,000 Bh

Installation: installation instead of silencer