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Sales, custom installation and regeneration of FAP and DPF Particulate Filters for earth moving machines, buses and work tools.

Diesel Particulate Filters DBS / DAS System: system that can regenerate in a purely passive way when the exhaust gas temperature exceeds 250° C due to filter rewinding, so there is no need to activate diesel fuel injection. In case of low load, the filter retains the soot particles and when a certain counter pressure value is reached, the system automatically activates the injection, causing regeneration. The system achieves excellent engine performance. Suitable for boat installation 
Diesel Particulate Filters DPF-1 / DPF-2 system: self-cleaning system with purely passive regeneration. The automatic cleaning of the filters takes place through a patented catalytic coating of the filter surface. The filter system has been designed for cars and machines running at an average load (average exhaust gas temperature). The filter system can usually be applied to construction machines and operating machines, urban buses, stationary engines, tractors and commercial vehicles. The operation of the filter system is continuously monitored by an electronic monitoring system that also records operating data